The Queen's Entrepreneurs' Competition

QEC 2014 was a huge success due to our amazing judges, competitors, executive, and sponsors! We would to like to especially thank our title sponsor, the MBA Class of 1970. Without their support the QEC would not be where it is today, and we are extremely thankful for all they have done over the past five years.


"We'd like to express our sincerest thanks to the MBA class of 1970.  Our second place win at QEC14 was not just a cash gain for us... it validated our business and made us think about gaps in our strategy.  We definitely left the competition a stronger business than when we came in.  Thank you!" 

Alroy Almedia and James Pickard


(2nd place finishers at QEC 2014)



“On behalf of FREDsense Technologies, we would like to thank the MBA class of 1970 for their generous support of the Queen's Entrepreneurship Competition this year, and specifically the award we received. As brand new entrepreneurs, QEC was a wonderful opportunity for us to gain experience pitching our idea, gain invaluable feedback and connect with other young people with innovative ideas. We learned so much through our experience and are extremely grateful that opportunities like this exist to help startups get off their feet. We plan on using our winnings to rent lab space and purchase reagents for some of the research and development work that needs to get done this year. We have a long way to go, but are so grateful for the resources to get started on our dream! Thank you so much for your generosity.”


Emily Hicks and Robert Mayall

FREDsense Technologies

( 1st Place Finishers QEC 2014)




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